Wednesday, 10 July 2013

English Summer

For the past twenty-something years, my best friends family have religiously holidayed in Cornwall every summer. They all pile in their cars (dog included) and head on down to a small cottage in South Cornwall.

The first time I got an invite I can’t pretend I was immediately sold, if I don’t need my passport then its not a holiday. Oh how wrong I was...

My first visit certainly didn’t start out well; Olivia and I chose the cheapest transport going (an overnight Megabus). Admittedly it was cheap as chips, but it was also freezing cold and our driver was MEAN. We both cried, multiple times. However, by the end of the stay I had tears in my eyes again, not because of the cold 11 hour bus ride ahead, but because I didn’t want to say goodbye! If, like the old me you are not totally convinced, let me give you a tour...

The view from the cottage 

My Cornish holidays always involve a lot of walking, so pack some comfy shoes or trainers.
This little lady is always keen to guide us round the coast paths...

Cornwall Seaside Sea English Summer Flat coat retriever sunshine coast

In every nook and cranny of Cornwall there is somewhere to adventure, if you're not sure grab a map, look online or ask a local!

Eating - a vital ingredient for a good holiday...

The Cornish pasty! If you want an truly authentic Cornish pasty, then a trip to The Lizard is a must, home to the most southerly point of British mainland and the worlds most amazing pasties (Ann’s Pasties). Once you’ve had one, no other pasty will ever compare, good job you can order them online! They can be posted as a gift, for events or for yourself (that would be my option). 

Close to where I've stayed is the charming fishing village of Porthleven, home to some lovely local restaurants. If you are ever looking for somewhere special to have dinner Kota is perfect, it serves amazing local fish with a slight Asian twist, but make sure you book because it tends to get very busy in the summer. Another delightful restaurant in Porthleven is Amélies, great for lunch or dinner, it serves something for everyone. I've had the scallops off the starter menu and a side salad, perfect summer lunch.

Scallops Cornwall Good food Seafood Porthleven

A very popular town in the South West is St Ives - with great beaches, shopping and home to Tate St Ives, as a tourist I highly recommend. 

Finally, after twenty-something years of visiting the same cottage, Olivia’s wonderful parents have invested in their own holiday home! Hooray! However, this means their family are visiting first and I’ve got to wait patiently till there is room for one more! 
Luckily for me, I’ve bagged myself a Cornish boyfriend! So far this year I've managed two trips and seen so many new places.

One of my new favourite places is a quirky little shopping area in Plymouth (which is actually Devon not Cornwall) called The Barbican… Home to some interesting antique and vintage shops, as well as some cute cafes and delis. One of our favourites was a small clothes and accessories shop called Parisan Sweet, it has loads of handpicked vintage clothing and beautifully reworked denim…

Vintage Cornwall Barbican Plymouth Thrift Levis Reworked Denim

Reworked Levis, Denim, Parisian Sweet, Levis, Sanderson, Floral, Denim Shorts, Vintage, Vintage Shopping
(images from Parisian Sweet instagram)

The owner Jackariaeh was super cool, lovely and really helpful – you should check out their online store or instagram (which is followed by the beautiful Sienna Miller, sorry had to name drop).

After a wonder round the Barbican we stopped at Cap’n Jaspers, a nearby harbour takeaway with a menu that’s not for the faint-hearted (or small stomached)… 
Serving Jasperizers (big burger on a big burger), Chedder Porker (Cheesy sausage in a French baguette) or Half a Yard of Hot Dog (45.7cms of hotdog)! Definitely worth a visit and is open from 7.30am till midnight. 

2013 has seen so many new walks, lots of reading in the garden and adventures on the their boat...

Cornwall, Coast, Sea, Seaside, Walk, Ramehead

Pony, Ponies, Countryside, Cornwall

Cliffs, Cornwall, Walking, Sea, Seaside, Coast

Cornwall, sea, boat, boating, princess, cawsand, england, english summer, summer, sunshine

Cawsand bay, beach, cornwall, summer time, boats, boating, view, england, sunshine
 Cawsand Bay

Rame Head

Daffodils, beach, sea, cornwall, view, sunshine, easter

If my little guide isn't enough, it only takes one visit and I promise you'll be converted to a fully fledged Cornish Keeno. 

... and if you are already as smitten with Cornwall as I am, please let me know your favourite places and things to do!


  1. Now I want to visit Cornwall!
    Beautiful photos!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Regine! My first comment! I'm glad you liked it.

  2. Me too! It looks magical and romantic. I loved the photos, too.

    Greetings from Seattle, WA!

    1. Thank you Julia!! If you're ever over in the UK you should definitely head down there, its even prettier than I can portray!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read, Karis

  3. What a great holiday! Looks fun. Lovely pictures :)

    1. Thank you for taking the time to have a read Mrs. B! You should take an adventure down there!